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  • Product Name:PET PAD
  • Package:Color bag
  • Size:45*60
  • Model:M

Description of puppy pads

1) High polymer bed pad: featured with high water-absorbing quality. Polymer
pad protects skin. 
2) Pad lined with multilayer and less layer toilet papers: saves cost and
prolongs service life. The pad is filled with multi-plicate tissue paper to
guarantee high water-absorbing quality and comfort at high temperature
3) Pad containing wood pulp: featured with soft and high water-absorbing 
quality. It can absorb urine and other body fluid for several times, so as to 
keep top layer dry. 
4) Pads have a complete range of specifications, and the quality is reliable.
Any sizes are available 
5) Thickness is based on customer's demands


Material of the underpad:

 Soft non-woven fabric; fluff pulp imported from USA Domtar,high quality SAP;tissue;PE film breathable backsheet.


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